A day in the life at Farm Stay

6:30 AM

As promised, it was a good night’s sleep. At the crack of the dawn, you wake up to birds chipping, cows mooring, and sharp crow of rooster outside your cottage. Open the windows, and the first whiff of fresh air hits you, it is then you realize it has been long since you took a deep breath.

Wake up from your quilt-topped, wooden-frame bed, and take a walk outside the room. You’ll realise that the night you spent was in rustic-style room in a pastoral farm amid dense vegetation. Welcome to Farm Stay, a resort that combines leisure and luxury in the middle of the nature.

8:30 AM

You’ll gaze with wonder at verdant setting of Farm Stay, postcard perfect. Look around to see the mother hen and her brood of chicks clucking and scampering around the yard, till you hear the mooing of the cows and the sound of cow bells.

“Oh, Kartina, there she is.” Don’t get antsy. It’s a ewe; the Shepheard at the farm has a name of his heard. And, there are dozen other with a moniker. The belligerent looking sheep apparently is named ‘Bruno!’

All these will remind you one thing for sure. The last time you spent time in a village. The caretaker at the farm explained the importance of organic farming. Take a walk along the 23 acres, well-crafted pebbled lined pathway, you will unwittingly realise that Farm Stay is a break from mundane life in a city.

It’s time for breakfast. And, for the first time, in ages, I was told by the resort staff that it is all organic what the chef brings to the table. Like from farm-to-table.Funny to think of it, the poor man’s food like ragi, millets and country eggs have become luxurious now.

10:30 AM

Farm Stay is a combining of farming vacation with a dose of adventure activities. If you are with family and kids, the stay is what you’ve been looking for a long time. The resort offers fun and experiential stay for the entire family. Children will love the games area as much as the animals in the farm—Emu, Hens, Geese, Sheep and Cows.

The afternoon lunch is from the vegetable patch growing tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, and other seasonal crop. If you want to try your hand at organic farming, this is the place you can learn a skill or two in traditional agricultural methods.

1:00 PM

The sun was over the head, but not harsh, because you are under the canopy of the neem trees. It’s is lunch time. The chef at Farm Stay will delight you with a delectable mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread. All straight from the farm. The course starts with tossed fresh salad, followed by a palate-pleasing items from the à la carte menu, rounded off with dessert.

3:30 PM

Time to burn some calories. Cycling at the Farm Stay can be a great way for you to enjoy the verdant surrounding. Feel the breeze while you bike along the pathway, and also have an aerobic activity.

As you walk by the mango orchard eating green mango laced with salt. It will remind you of your school or college days.

6:00 PM

You will like the bonfire, the conversations with your family and friends where you unwind, recharge and talk about life in general.

It’s deep stillness around, the only sound you hear is of a crickets beautiful cacophony or owls hoot and screeching.

When was the last time you heard these sounds?

9:00 PM

Time to go back to your cottage. You realize you haven’t had enough of the stay, in the lap of nature, smug, far away from the city.

If you are looking to escape the frenzy of city life, slip into the Farm Stay state of mind.

It’s 42 Kms away from the city, and is celebrated as an unrivalled destination for individual and family stay, a copybook setting for corporate events and perfect place for destination weddings.

Farm stay provides you the ultimate in farm-to-table cuisine, procured from the locally grown seasonal fresh organic produce. The place offers you wellness activities, cycling, spa, outdoor sports and more.

Painstakingly designed with the rustic look, the property is a luxury stay equipped with all modern-day comforts.

Farm Stay, a perfect vacation home in the wilderness.