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For our discerning guests looking for a memorable stay, intuitive service and experience of luxury in the lap of nature – they can choose from intimate villas to expansive condos. So what’s your reason to take a break - a romantic escape? A corporate get-together? Or a raucous multi-gen family vacation?

Bamboo cottage

The Bamboo Resort – a bamboo styled room is the last untouched wilderness for any adventure seeking traveller. Check in to the Bamboo styled room at the Farm Stay Resort to discover the incredibly durable structure, imposing and inviting all at the same time, yet it cleverly doesn’t give away any secrets about what lies inside the bamboo villa perched on stilts.

Complementing the rustic and rudimentary styled setting of the resort, are wooden tables exuding home-like vibe. The porch at the front, just like a house’s veranda complement a sense of space.

Lending an aesthetic value to the room with its bamboo-esque furnishings to praise, the king-sized bamboo bed with the best of mattress to sink in at the end of a day.

Designed with right mix of city comfort and a setting of wilderness, the room has a private balcony facing the farm, and is carefully furnished with appropriate amenities like attached bath with shower facility and decks strung with hanging chair.

Kerala cottage

If sepia-tone memory, a sense of nostalgia and a heightened longing for the good old days is part of your holiday, then come to the Kerala Cottage at Farm Stay.

The first picture that comes to mind when you think of Kerala is placid backwaters and the distinct homes with gabled roofs and all wood construction.

We at Farm Stay Resort designed a Kerala Cottage keeping in mind all the elements of Nālukettu homestead – the best choice of timber, the rooms have a distinct line with accurate joinery, the ceilings and the walls have a delicate carving of wood work all that unique characteristic of traditional Kerala architecture.

Dormitory stay

The high point of any outing is when you are sharing the night in a communal bunk. The Dormitory stay at Farm Stay has rooms that would satisfy the restless boys and (girls) to share a massive cottage. Be it a destination wedding or corporate events, a king-size accommodation is a must for the guests.

The Dormitory is located in a dense backyard – the interiors is luxurious, filled with local touches and handicrafts and offers bespoke itineraries for those looking to explore the surrounding farm.

The rooms can accommodate up to 20 people and are also priced reasonably. Also the best option for group travellers who want a quiet getaway every 6 months, or earlier.

Villa stay

Two things will stand out for any guest in the Villa Stay – the old world charm and a calming experience. The lavish Villa is furnished with antique furniture tucked away in verdant, quiet surrounding is a perfect escapade you’ve been looking for.

We guarantee a memorable stay at the Villa. The space offers a relaxing, luxurious stay and world class amenities coupled with a friendly staff. With plenty of activities to keep your children entertained, Farm Stay is ideal for an action-packed family vacation.

Did we forget the mention about the balcony, a place to simply gawk at the stars as night falls?