The resort has an array of activity for the guests making it a top destination for a transformative stay. In simplicity, soulfulness, and connection with nature, the activities Farm Stay offer can make you come back often.

Bullock cart ride

A city-bred is aware of horsepower, the power of the car engine s/he drives.Rarely must they have heard about the cow /ox power. Come to Farm stay and experience it first- hand. It will take you a trip down memory lane with vivid memories of the ride on the cart attachedto a bullock team by a special chain attached to yokes.

If you thought we’d restricted our imagination to making farm stay with countryside appeal, then you are missing out on the line up of activities. Come here to enjoy the ride in old-world setting. You will know what sets Farm Star from other farm outings.

Bicycle ride

When was the last time you peddled to work or for the sake of merriment? Can’t remember. Cycling is not like driving. It’s fun. It’s a happy pursuit. We could go on with other million reasons why you should ride bicycles.

Farm Stay, give you all the more reason to cycle with your friends on the carefully pebbled pathways. If you are a group more the excitement. If you are alone, you could perhaps humming a happy tune and along the way a peddler will join you to sing along. We guarantee you fun! Fun! And more fun! Bicycle rides, highly recommended to make your family outing a memorable one.

Farm land tour

Someone has to be there to explain Brunos’s belligerence – For that you will have the guide or the frontman at Farm Stay. Explore the scenic beauty of the farm as you stroll around the emu enclosure, swathe of vegetation, the shepherd tending to the livestock, and farmers ploughing the fields for the next harvest.

Wondering who’s Bruno – it is the big, oval horned sheep at the farm.

Kids play arena

It is no family vacation if kids don’t have a play area. Farm Stay has area specially designed for kids with a vast lawn area, swings and slides – the dedicated multi-play area for kids will simply thrill any child who walks into it.

Volleyball court

It is said that volleyball is played by 800 million people on the planet at least once a week. Look at it from the point of fitness, it improves the player’s cardio, flexibility, balance and coordination. At Farm Stay, you have only one reason to play, and because you haven’t probably played the game for a long time. So, if you are a team, come and spike the ball.

Cricket ground

No one knows the exact reason for the popularity of the game in India, but strong push could be when Kapil Dev and his boys lifted the World Cup in 1983. It was undoubtedly India's- and international cricket's finest hour. And from then on every lane and gully in cities small and big, towns big and small owned the sport.

Corporate outings or you are a team, at Farm Stay you can get the best of cricketing facilities. So, come, hit the ball out of the park.

Seven stones game

It was the most aggressive game you should have played as a child with your friends. Piling seven stones on top of one another and the opposite team trying to knock it with a ball.

If you don’t get it right in the first chance, you have two other chances left. Once you have knocked it down it is a game of hunting the opposite team with the ball while the other team trying to restack the stone without being hit by the ball. Come to Farm Stay, to relive the sport of your childhood days.

Kancha game

There are few games that have faded with time. We at FarmStay have made all arrangements to bring the Kancha game to the fore. It is certainly is a boy game. Remember the days where you would reach home, change on a jiffy and run to the field to play. A game where the rules were different for each game.

Gilli danda game

Another game long forgotten, yet cherished by many as their childhood favourite game. You were always warned about the possible harm if the ‘gili’ hits anyone, but that did not deter you from playing the game either. It’s like cricket played with a stick instead of a bat. As an amateur sport it has many variations. You just chill, when you play the game at Farm Stay. Make your own rules, divide the teams and toss the coin.

Open air theater

When nature server you the backdrop, open air theatre at Farm Stay invites guest to a memorable under-the-stars entertainment experience. Movie, cricket, or your family videos – just sit back in you comfy chair and watch them with glee. The viewing comes with extra treat of popcorn, refreshing drinks, nibbles, and fresh made-to-order food.

Swimming pool

Plunge into excitement at the swimming pool at Farm Stay. Go for a lazy swim or simply float around for a while it will rejuvenate you for sure. Water polo with you friends and family will be an experience you will cherish. As for the kids, there is a swim instructor who will take care of the dos and don’ts.


collecting the dry twigs, slicing a dead tree, tossing in the pile of leaves, and setting it on fire is pure joy.

When the dry, withered stump release light, whispering hisses, popping and crackling the smell is intoxicating. Farm stay gives you the chance to huddle around the campfire with family or friends in the cold, dark farm.