fa Farm Stay - A Farm Concept Resort


Experience the wonders of nature while you plan an important day in your life. Be it birthday function, anniversary, or a wedding Farm Stay handle the logistics and create the type of experience that will make for treasured memories

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are always memorable. It’s food, family, friends, wishes, and good conversation. Imagine organising a birthday party in the perfect natural setting. And, which is a simple and enduring combination made unique by the location. Farm Stay has the perfect setting to all your birthday party needs.

The experienced team at the resort will offer you theme template, menu, and beverages of your liking. All you have to do is turn up with the gang to enjoy the birthday of your loved ones.


A rustic, rural and real getaway destination for you wedding makes for an amazing backdrops for couples who are looking to tie the knot!

Farm Stay offers incredible landscapes coupled with accommodations making any wedding amazing. The venue coupled with gourmet food is currently the top wedding destination spot in Hyderabad.Make Farm Stay your wedding venue. This is the most surreal experiences a couple can share, not only with each other but with their closest friends and family.

Sangeeth parties

The most talked about pre-wedding event is the involving the couple families, mingling, meal and dance.

Farm Stay can give you the perfect setting for the night of love and laughter with couples’ families.With Mehandi, sangeeth, and fun your family and friends and groove the night away. The resort give a farm-like setting for the guest and the event will be remembered for one-of-the event in a lifetime.

Anniversary parties

Anniversary parties are something that brings back fond memories of the couple. So, why do it in a normal settin. At Farm Stay you can celebrate the elegant affair with best of food, decorations, entertainment and favours.

Let the occasion be any anniversary milestone, Farm Stay gives you the reason to celebrate it in style.


Love to craft? Farm Stay give the guest a chance to create art with the pottery classes. Feel clay take shape beneath your fingers. Farm Stays master potters will set you imagination on fire as the wheels spin. Work out the kinks, let the wet mud take shape, and you will have a souvenir to take home at the end of the day.

Family outings

With nature playing the host do you need any good reason to stay indoors. Take a stroll in the farm where the residue-free fresh vegetables are grown, take a ride on the bullock cart, pluck the ripe season fruit available on the farm or simply swing in the outdoors. There is something for everyone at Farm Stay resort. This secluded and quiet place far away from the city is the perfect setting for you to enjoy your weekend stay or a vacation.

Corporate Team outing

Whether the aim of your company is to increase the morale or reward performers, team-building exercise with few games would suffice in-office. When you are looking at a larger picture that aim at offering a thrilling experience to help the team bond, come to Farm stay.

Farm Stay gives you the perfect setting for corporate team outing. You team will vouch for the fact with the array of team building activities that lift the team spirit, connect with fellow workers and a general bonhomie. In the end round off with drinks and food to consolidate the relationship built.