Ample space for Recreation, Rejuvenation and Fun Activities
At Farm Stay there are umpteen adventure activities to keep everyone busy. You can either swim, play cricket or any of your favourite sport, go for long walks in the premises of farm stay, or even spend time playing with our farm animals or indoor games. We also have a campfire area where you can have a small barbecue.


Relax and have a splash in our outdoor pool.

Dive into relaxation and enjoy the best of both worlds at Farm Stay Resorts. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of rural life while taking a refreshing dip in our pristine swimming pool. Maintained with utmost hygiene, this pool is perfectly sized to have a cool pool party with your friends and family to enjoy an idyllic escape.


A sporting extravaganza awaits you.

At Farm Stay, we offer a comprehensive array of sporting amenities, including cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton and more, ensuring a diverse range of recreational opportunities for our guests.

Pets and Animals

An animal-friendly paradise for young explorers.

Farm Stay is a pet-friendly resort where you can get your pets along and have a relaxed vacation with them. We also have plenty of farm animals that children can play and interact with such as dogs, emus, hens, geese, sheep and cows.